How To Pamper A Pregnant Woman

How To Pamper A Pregnant Woman: Making Her Feel Special And Loved

During the course of a woman’s pregnancy, it is likely that she will experience an array of physical discomfort. Common examples include aches, pains, fatigue, and nausea. Though pregnancy is a positive experience overall, it leaves women feeling worn down and not in control of their bodies. This can be physically and mentally stressful, which may negatively impact a woman and her unborn child. If you have a loved one who is pregnant, there are a number of different ways you can make her feel pampered, special and loved.


When your loved one is feeling achy and sore, treat her to a relaxing and soothing and beneficial massage. You can either book an appointment at a spa, or you may provide a simple massage at home. If you choose the latter, use soothing natural oils, dim lights and calming music to create a spa-like environment. If you would prefer booking a massage, contact a local spa to see what packages they offer.

Special Shopping Trips

Pregnant women often feel uncomfortable in their typical clothing due to their rapidly changing shopping tripbodies. Consider taking your loved one on a special shopping trip. There are many brands that offer cozy yet stylish maternity clothes for women in all stages of pregnancy. From nursing bras to lush sweaters, there are apparel items to suit every woman. You can find maternity clothing in high end stores, mid-priced stores and even thrift stores. This makes this form of pampering your pregnant loved one a budget-friendly option.

Custom Gifts

Why not give a pregnant mom something thoughtful and snuggly? Like one of those beautiful picture blankets? Who wouldn’t love one of those with maybe a photo of herself on it?

For day-to-day pampering of that special pregnant lady in your life, consider making a custom gift basket for her. This can be filled with products like lotion, oils, bubble bath, eye masks, and so on. Whenever it is possible, look for all-natural products or products that are branded as ‘safe for pregnant women’. Some stores – particularly maternity and baby stores – carry products specifically designed for soon-to-be-mothers. This gives your loved one the items she needs to feel special on a daily basis.

These are just a few of the many ways you can pamper a pregnant women in order to make her feel truly special. Consider the unique tastes and preferences of the woman you care for, and combine them with the ideas listed above. Look on crafting sites and motherhood sites to find additional fun and soothing ideas, too. This will allow you to come up with customized and creative ways to soothe a pregnant loved one.

How You Can Baby Proof Your House To Prepare For A New Baby

I am on a rampage of getting my house baby-proofed in preparation for the big day, and I have put together some notes here that you’ll hopefully find helpful. So here goes. Also, here is an interesting resource I found which you may find useful as well.

If, like me, you are getting ready to have a baby or your baby is getting close to being able to move around on their own, then like me, you too should be thinking about baby proofing. (The third trimester is not a bad time to start thinking about all this.) This way the baby will be safe and you won’t have to worry as much. There are a few things you can do to baby proof your home.

Take care of electrical outlets.

The easiest thing to do is to put covers over your plugs. These are cheap, easy to find and all you have to do is put them in every outlet that you have. You can take them out if you do need to use that outlet for a cord.

This will ensure that your baby or small toddler can’t stick anything in them. If they were to do that it could be very unsafe as they could get shocked. You don’t want to run the risk and chasing after them to make sure they won’t do it would be too exhausting.

Have a totally safe zone.

While it may be close to impossible to 100% baby-proof the whole house, try to make sure that you at least have a room (or two) that is totally safe for baby. That way you can put him/her in it and not have to worry about the baby getting into any trouble. You can put their toys in there and it can be a great place to play. Some people purchase play-yards that can be set up for this.

Keep medications away.

You should also make sure you are aware of where you are putting any medications or chemicals. You don’t want the baby to be able to grab them off of a table or counter. That could be a very bad thing and you want to avoid it. It is good to get in the habit of putting those types of things away and out of reach.

Take care of anything breakable or sharp.

Make sure you put anything that is breakable up high so they can not get it. It is possible that they will pick it up and drop it and it could break. It makes more sense to keep those away from baby in the first place so that will not happen.
Also, put soft rubber foam coverings or something similar on any sharp corners (such as tables, other furniture etc.), so the baby won’t get hurt.

When setting up your home, try to think like a baby or small toddler. Think about what would be interesting to them or what they would want to get into. If you can think this way you will know what needs to be changed so that your house will be baby proof and your child will be safe.

What to Expect During the Different Stages of Pregnancy

Most women who have just found out they are expecting and have never been pregnant before do not realize that there are several different stages of the pregnancy. Reading a good book about pregnancy may be quite helpful.


It all begins with the first trimester, which is a time when the baby begins growing at such a rapid pace. Even though it may not be possible for anyone to tell whether a woman is pregnant or not during these first few weeks, there is a fairly good chance that she is experiencing a number of different symptoms.

What to Expect in the Beginning

Women in their first trimester often experience morning sickness. Although there are a few women who are lucky enough not to experience the dreaded sickness, there are plenty of others who feel sick to their stomach all day long instead of just in the morning. Along with the morning sickness, they may have sore breasts, back pain and relatively light cramping. It is normal for a woman to feel more tired than usual during the first trimester.

Because many women feel really quite crappy during this time, it is important to remember to pamper them and make them feel cherished!

The Second Trimester: Does It Get Easier?

Once a woman approaches the second trimester, she may no longer feel sick each morning. There are women who experience the sickness throughout the entire duration of the pregnancy, but most feel better as soon as they do reach the second trimester. The second trimester is considered the best because that is the time when women often get to feel the baby kicking for the first time while gaining some of the energy back that they lacked during the first trimester.

Those who are in the second trimester of their pregnancy can expect lots of prenatal visits where they will learn more about the growing baby inside of them. It is also a time when several women have to take the glucose test, which involves drinking a sugary beverage that some do not mind having and others absolutely hate.

The Last Stretch

The third and final trimester may be a bit rough for some pregnant ladies. It is a time when the baby is much larger than before, causing more strain on the woman’s body. She may find it hard to sleep at night because the baby is taking up so much space inside of her stomach. And, a woman may also find herself running to the bathroom quite often due to the pressure of the baby on her kidneys.

Pregnancy is such a beautiful thing that allows a woman to bring life into this world. It certainly is not easy to get through each stage, but it is well worth it.

Waiting For Baby

This blog is all about waiting for my baby to arrive — the big delivery day – it’s kind of a countdown blog until the delivery date and baby arrives… hence the name D Minus Zero!

Like all pregnant women, I am eagerly awaiting the big day – with tremendous anticipation, major excitement, and yes, certainly a truckload of nervousness too. Along the way, I’m planning to put down my thoughts, and pretty much anything that catches my interest during this time. So you may encounter things here that are of interest to other pregnant women – I hope. Join me in my journey!